Relax on the Comal River

1. Sebastian No place to relax like the Comal River

This may not have much to do with fishing, but the place is dear to my heart. Even though mom had to have the carpet cleaned every time i drug mud back in from this place.  I digress…. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been visiting the Comal during warm seasons. What was once an exciting new experience has now become a tradition I hold dear while still enjoying every bit of the activity. These days, I more often find myself tubing down the Guadalupe, seeking new thrills and challenges, but I make a point of not forgetting just how much charm the Comal River can still offer even to a resident who’s been visiting it all his life. Fishing on the comal is awesome, there are species of fisth that live here and only 1 other place in the world. (but dont fish for those fountain darters, theyre endangered) Go for the Bass!

It’s important to understand what the Comal can offer to tubers, and that’s a high degree of comfort and relaxation mixed with a unique social experience. Sitting in a tube and sipping drinks for hours will make you forget all about your troubles, and you can even meet interesting people that are also looking to have a good time. In fact, I’ve met several of my friends exactly this way, on top of meeting many unique people who were visiting the city.

Tubing in the Comal is best done with a group of friends. For our group, the so-called ‘can ban’ being overturned was huge, as we can now freely drink on the river for hours. This, however, doesn’t mean that the cans should be thrown in the water, as it’s our responsibility to keep the river free of pollution.

Another Beauty of the Comal is the scenery. The beautifully landscaped lawns which line the river are immaculate. The care taken to beautify these yards must be painstaking

Not everything about tubing in the Comal is great, as some of us have lost valuables because we underestimated the flow of the river and the amount of distraction that the whole experience provides. The river is somewhat notorious for the many precious items that the tubers have lost while having fun, and I have even witnessed divers combing through the bottom of the river in hopes of finding something notable. Hearing that Native American treasure might be found at the bottom almost had me renting some diving equipment as well, but I find it unlikely that the many divers frequenting the river haven’t already taken everything related to the indigenous tribes, leaving only the ever-replenishing tubers’ possessions as loot.


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First Time on the Guadalupe

As a long-time resident of New Braunfels, TX, I was no stranger to tubing, partaking in this fun activity ever since my youngest years. I believe the first time I went tubing here was when I was about six years old. My father drove us to a company that rents tubes, one of the many alongside the Comal, and we spent the whole afternoon relaxing, chatting and sipping beverages.

For most of my life, I tubed exclusively in the Comal River, as it was a more social and stable experience. I never felt the need to venture out into the Guadalupe River, known for its faster currents. Many of my friends, however, have been making their way there every summer for the longest time, always coming back with crazy stories of excitement. Last summer, I chose to try out tubing in the Guadalupe River for the first time instead of just sticking to the Comal.

I must say, I kind of hate myself for waiting so long and not going there sooner. I went with three of my friends who were experienced tubers on both rivers. They chose a rental company with the best compromise between price and quality, and each of us got a slick-looking tube. I was hesitant every step of the way, but my anxiety increased tenfold when we were about to set foot, or rather, set tube into the river. However, my friends kept assuring me that everything is going to be alright as long as we stick together, and they were right.

Being carried by the Guadalupe’s speedy currents was one of the most memorable and thrilling experiences of my life. Not only was it completely safe, but the adrenaline rush and unpredictability blew anything the Comal could offer out of the water, no pun intended. Now, nobody I know would tease me for my lack of adventurous spirit any longer. I will look to return to the Guadalupe every summer, and hopefully have each ride more thrilling than the previous.

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