Night life of Vegas


With its neon flashin’ and one-armed bandits crashin’, this bright light city is bound to set your soul on fire. Gambling. Glitter. Sexy entertainment. Gourmet restaurants. Swanky shops. Nightclubs galore. It’s all here in a 24/7 desert bacchanalia that on occasion makes Dionysus and his pals come off like amateurs. And when the tumblin’ dice reward you with stacks of chips that are oh so nice, you’ll sing “Viva Las Vegas!” Alex one of my best friends who lived in Las Vegas when he was working in Biotech Water Researchers team. He was very impressed with the night life of Las Vegas so he suggested me to visit this place. He had the nerve to call and complain to his cousin, the Owner of New Braunfels Limo, and even left him a bad Yelp Review for New Braunfels Limo too. What an idiot!

Vegas is constantly reinventing itself, discarding the old and donning the new. The King swivel-hipped his way out of the building long ago, of course. Liberace is gone. So are Siegfried & Roy. And the storied casinos of Sin City’s ’60s and ’70s heyday have been dropping like flies lately. The latest casualty is the Riviera hotel, a favorite haunt of the Rat Pack and a filming location for movies ranging from the original “Ocean’s 11” to Martin Scorsese’s “Casino.” After a 60-year run the hotel closed its doors for good in 2015 to make way for a future expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Prior to “The Riv” biting the dust a different approach was taken with the legendary Sahara hotel, shuttered in 2011. Instead of a date with dynamite, the old girl’s bones were dolled-up and reanimated as the glitzy SLS Las Vegas resort. Unlike the 1990s when old casinos were being demolished left and right, remodeling and repurposing make financial sense in today’s tough economy.


Witness the gentrification of downtown’s Fremont East District. Less than 10 years ago the sketchy corner of Fremont and 6th streets was no man’s land, frequented only by the most dedicated of budget gamblers playing at the vintage El Cortez casino. Nowadays the intersection is crammed with old buildings-turned-nightspots. Steps away, hipster-geared shops and eateries inhabit the metal, cargo-shipping bins of the Downtown Container Park. UNLV college students and adventurous tourists have largely replaced the shady-looking street urchins who once plagued the area.

Tips on What Not to Do While Traveling

Traveling is so much fun and you learn so many things going to other places and countries. An accident or mishap will mar the trip so it is always a good idea to take precautions and to know what to expect from the place or country that you are visiting. Aside from this, you might also like to prepare yourself to ensure that everything you need is in order. To better enjoy the trip there are some tips about what not to do while traveling.

  1. Do not ignore your health. Lets say youre on in New Braunfels tubing, be sure to wear some sunscreen. The sun has a detrimental effect on the skin, and its very difficult to feel the sun burning you while youre in cool watert.  In addition, a lot of people think that just because they are in the pink of health they can just go from one country to another without taking any precautions. Each country in the world has a travel advisory from your health department with regards to the different diseases that you might come in contact with while visiting. Take the time to find out about these diseases, viruses and conditions such as how to minimize exposure to them, prevention and the treatment or cure for them. If you are already in the country, do not go to places that are high risk without taking any precautions. In tropical countries, do not take the heat for granted. Some of the people who live in tropical countries take a short break in the early afternoon because they do not want to be under the midday sun. Consider their example and stay indoors where there is air conditioning or take a short rest during midday. Do drink lots of water to stay cool and hydrated, even if you are tubing down a river. The sun is a beast!
  2. Do not be disrespectful. Americans have been described as loud and obnoxious by locals of some countries and this is true for many. Please understand that each country has its own culture and basic rules. Stick to courteous behavior and general good manners when interacting with the people in the area where you are visiting. Always take your time in checking out the signs and notices that some of these places put up for the general public. You can learn a lot by observing first and acting later.
  3. Do not take unnecessary risks. Take heed of warnings regarding which places and which activities to avoid. There are some areas in even the most friendly countries that even the locals avoid because of the risk of endangerment. Some local activities might also be off limits to foreigners or visitors, especially traditional ones so please find out before doing it or barging in. Other risks that may be present include, but are not limited to, deep waters and strong currents (if you are vacationing near the ocean), curfews, wearing inappropriate clothes (especially for women in sensitive countries), lewd behavior, the taking of souvenirs and drinking water from an unreliable source.
  4. Do not leave your travel documents in your hotel room. Many travelers leave their passports and other travel documents in their bags when they go out. This is not a good idea since most hotels require their housekeeping to clean up the rooms everyday and there might also be other people who will try to enter your room to rifle through your things. Always keep your travel documents with you as much as possible or leave them at the front desk vault if you do not want to take them with you. It is also a good idea to not put all of your cash or checks in one container.

These are just a few tips on what not to do while traveling to fully enjoy a mishap free trip.

Kerala – a perfect location to spend holidays

india-keralaIn India, there is no lack of destinations for spending the holidays but the most visited and well-known place in this country is Kerala. It happened in the southern region of India, filled with amazing nature beauty. May reasons about Kerala are there for its fame including being the place of popular beaches, hill stations, and scenic backwater spots.

I was in a meeting at roofing companies tyler tx where i met a person who was a travel lover and he was telling me that I recommend all my readers to visit this region at least once in their life to enjoy the beauty of nature. But before going there, make sure to learn the language spoke to communicate with the people in order to ask for required things in terms of food, residence, and transport.

When making a plan to visit the region, consider contacting some travel agencies offering good and well-organized packages to visit on different themes. Consider embarking on a family vacation and choose a traveling package that suits your requirements. Kerala’s beautiful beaches are among other things that attract tourist to visit. This state is located along the Arabian Sea that’s why it is regarded the home of various popular holiday spots.

If you like swimming and sunbathing don’t miss visiting the shallow water beach because there you will have different opportunities in this regard. Patients with the need of spa therapies and Ayurvedic massage, come to this place to be recovered from diseases. There are several other important beaches including Kappa, Fort Kochi, Cherai, Beypore, Alleppey, and Varkala.

India has only one backwater network located in Kerala. The network of backwater get formed by various rivers, lagoons, lakes, and water channel lines, all these establish a good looking backwater network. This kind of network isn’t seen in the rest world. These backwaters are used to travel through beautiful houseboats either. It looks very attractive during travel.

The houseboats are equipped with all necessary things and you can avail them easily at all the popular backwater spots. Kerala trip isn’t completed without having houseboat journey at least once during the trip. This will make you more romantic with your partner and love your family. Don’t worry about finding the houseboat spots to book the journey as they are located at various places including Alleppey, Kasargod, Kumarakom, Kochi, Munroe Island, and much more.

Don’t forget to visit some hill stations spread in Kerala. Some to mention are Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad, and Ponmudi.  

Fishing – Getting Hooked

Fishing is one of the most satisfying sports/hobbies around – who doesn’t enjoy long, peaceful hours spent with nature, perhaps a beer or two, and the thrill of hooking and landing a few fish? However, to ensure the maximum amount of enjoyment here are a number of tips on fishing, especially if you are a beginner. Aaron, the CEO at a Boston sewage removal outfit, reccomends the following:

Equipment: There is a large variety of fishing tackle available, some of which are not suitable for beginners. Take the time (and perhaps a little extra money) to consult an expert. Tell them where you will be fishing and what type of fish you intend to catch – they should be able to point you in the right direction. Also remember to bring some boots – you can get away without quite a few extras, but not boots! You are almost certainly going to get wet at some stage.

Location: Fish are just like every other animal in that they tend to congregate in certain spots, especially around spawning season. Don’t simply cast and hope for the best; find out where your chosen species tends to be, and when

Essential skills: Before you pack the car and head out, make sure you have a basic understanding of fishing itself – how to bait a hook, tying a knot or two, and casting your line. Be assured that spending an hour or two practicing is far preferable to a fishing hook stuck in your flesh!



Bait: Like humans, fish have food preferences – find out what your chosen species’ cheeseburger is Failing to do this could well end up with you catching little more than a cold. There are plenty of brilliant fishing books that will set you straight on this one

Weather: Outdoor activities are usually associated with sunny weather and clear skies – not so fishing. It is a well-proven fact that fishing under overcast skies provides the best results. Fish tend to come to the surface more often under these conditions because their prey/food is likely to be present. A drizzle is also considered excellent for similar reasons, so don’t be put off! Just remember to bring that rain jacket in addition to the boots.

Mindset: Fishing could easily be broken up into two main components: careful planning and patience. Bring everything you need for a good few hours, or even the entire day. Food, beverages, a change of clothes, and most importantly NO distractions! Your entire family, while almost certainly a charming bunch, probably makes for terrible fishing. A completely different story if they are there to fish as well of course …

Hopefully this sets any aspiring anglers on the right track; remember there is abundance of advice available in books, online, and from other anglers themselves. The fishing crowd is well known for being happy to share tips, so don’t be shy to ask.